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25 pounds lost, 15 to go!
Radio Broadcast Graduate,
health & fitness promoter,
in love, recovering from depression & anxiety,
and just want to LIVE HEALTHY!! This is part of my journey.
Ex Oh Namaste

Stop comparing where you’re at with where everyone else is. It doesn’t move you farther ahead, improve your situation, or help you find peace. It just feeds your shame, fuels your feelings of inadequacy, and ultimately, it keeps you stuck. The reality is that there is no one correct path in life. Everyone has their own unique journey.

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Time to get real.

The last place I ever lean out is my stomach. It’s without a doubt my trouble area and it’s always my biggest insecurity. I naturally have a wide frame so I know I’ll never have a tiny waist, let’s be realistic. But, for the first time I really noticed change in the mirror and I feel so accomplished. That little dent by my hips? I haven’t seen that since I was like 14 years old.

I have found it important to take progress pictures no matter how you’re feeling because sometimes we can’t process change directly in a mirror. Today I felt like a tanned marshmallow and now I feel like a hard working girl who is going to make her dreams come true.

you look awesome girrrrl

I still can’t top your pooping selfies :/

this message is lovely :)



I used to skip leg day in high school but I’m happy my legs are finally starting to catch up.  One day I’ll even out.


dem quads… oh no…I think I have a thing for quads >.<

Happy Friday, Promo!


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Yo I must be IN love, cuz I&#8217;m on FIRE right nowowowoweeee

Yo I must be IN love, cuz I’m on FIRE right nowowowoweeee


Someone buy me Nike sports bras in every color thank you! Xoxoxo

Wow…I’m all of a sudden overwhelmed with thought…

Is my new dream too big??
I think it is, but then what decent dream wasn’t thought of as impossible at one point?


Revie Schulz

Gahhhh how amazing she is!


And that’s another thing. Just keep your heads up. Your max weight quickly becomes your rep work which quickly becomes your warm up with patience, proper training, proper rest, proper nutrition, and a certain level of tenacity. 

Speakin’ the truth up in here!

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Great weekend to all!! ;)

As I munch on my sacha inchi seeds I’ll recap my WOD

I tried new moves in my workout tonight! TOTAL SWITCH UP!
MY CORE GUYS… my core is already sore!!
I wish I knew what the move I did was called because HOT DAMN does it feel like it’s gonna work like magic!
N it’s all thanks to a gif I saw late last night. It was something I didn’t think I’d like so I HAD to do it. (when the gif comes around again I’ll reblog it with my experience with it)
Instead of my normal clean and press routine swapping in and out different weight with different reps, I did 4 sets of 10 on 50lbs!! Which I didn’t think I could do so close together.
Then I switched up my usual bicep barbell curls with hammer curls.
I added in some knee ups (on 6 risers) in between my squat sets,
Decided to TRY cable machine back rows , which I think is a keeper for now :P
AND for my cardio I went off my rocker, started with 1 minute on, 1 minute off on the row machine!!
THEN went way back to my childhood roots and swam some lengths of the pool for 20 minutes (switching up strokes) before hitting the sauna.
Only think I should have put more effort into was my stretching at the end, but that’s okee.

Maybe the magic came from the assisted confidence of unofficiallycrossfitbanks and boxedteafox after my almost anxiety stint involving my Nike Pro’s !! Thank you SO much you guys, REALLY <3

unofficiallycrossfitbanks was right! I walked the walk n everyone got outta my way! Even got a thumbs up after my clean n press’ s! WHATTAP!!!!!!